What Is Social Business

Social businesses are for-profit enterprises that have the two main goals.

1. Create social benefit

2. Break-even financially


They are not charities but they are not bottom-line focused corporations.
Social businesses are in between.


Social Business Examples

  • Affordable agricultural products targeted at low income farmers
  • Affordable products improving the health of the poor
  • Affordable housing for the poor
  • Affordable energy for the poor
  • Affordable products to advance the education of the poor
  • Train the poor in skills to get them out of poverty (ie web development skills)
  • Increase the safety of the poor (ie LED lights to replace kerosene lanterns)
  • Increase the income of the poor (ie microfinance)
  • Increase the effectiveness and productivity of the poor (ie affordable cell phones)

There could be numerous other social benefits as well.


A Social Business in Action

A great example of a social business is Kenya based Insta Products. Insta Products manufactures food that is fortified in much need vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients that are desperately needed by much of the community. These products fight malnutrition and help build up the immune systems of thousands of impoverished people. The majority of Insta’s supplies are sourced locally and the end products are purchased by businesses and organizations. This business improves the health of the poor, creates jobs, and increases demand for produce grown by local farmers. Zana Fund will help expand the reach of businesses like this!


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